Culture and Beliefs

Caring for Dying People of Different Faiths
Author: Julia Neuberger

Now in its third edition this book covers the practical and ethical issues surrounding caring for people with different faiths. It outlines the various cultures of Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist faiths, which are of relevance to health and healthcare, and gives practice advice on providing care in a culturally appropriate manner. Considerably expanded and now including a new chapter on Humanism, it will be essential reading for all healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, and other hospital and hospice staff treating people with different faiths.

Palliative Care for South Asians: Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs:: A Practical Guide
Author: Rashid Gatrad, Erica Brown and Aziz Sheikh

This book aims to describe the needs of palliative care patients from south Asia minority ethnic and faith traditions. Chapters include: understanding diversity in context, palliative care needs of south Asians - similarities and differences; Muslims; Hindus; language of religious symbolism.