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Regular donations are very important to CBC - they ensure we are here when people need us. 

CBC learns constantly from what bereaved children and families tell us, and a lot of that learning rests in the experience and knowledge of highly skilled staff and volunteers.  That is where so much of value lies, and we need to ensure that this ability to help people is never lost.

With your support we will continue to work towards the vision that all bereaved children and grieving families have access to timely and relevant support and information from appropriately trained professionals. 

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You can now support CBC via Direct Debit, a much more efficient method both for you and for the charity, which allows CBC to plan future work with much more certainty.  As a friend you can choose to receive all, any or none of :-  

Giving regularly by Direct Debit reduces the money CBC needs to spend on fundraising, and allows us to spend even more of your donation on supporting bereaved children and families.

Donations can be of any amount and can be every month, every quarter, bi-annually or annually - you choose.  If you know other people who might wish to support CBC in this way, please do tell them.    

To become a ‘Friend of CBC’ and make a regular Direct Debit donation, either go to our website or call us on 01494 568900 and ask to speak to someone about making a regular donation. 

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